Thus ends the off season

Realized I haven't posted in way too long.

Georgia was great.  Spent several weeks working on the bus at Cobbtown Acres- A DIY workshop and grounds for a couple dozen of us all working on our skoolie projects.  I met some amazing people who have become surprisingly near and dear to my heart in such a short time- Check out BuzuAzul, Escahpay, and Daddamantium on Insta.  Finished the subfloor and laminate flooring, built my bed, kitchen counters, got solar hooked up, mounted storage bins and water tanks underneath.  Good progress.

And then, Cobbtown had to shut down.  They're presently seeking out a more suitable space to restart, probably in a different county.  But for now, everyone had to leave.

A bunch of us- like the folks I mentioned above- decided we wanted to stick together, so it was time for a convoy.  The four of us landed and regrouped with a couple other friends at Wanderlust Waypoints in Tennessee- While they're still getting the place finished, Johnny and Ash were nonetheless able to squeeze us in for several weeks.

I installed and finished plumbing my toilet and wastewater tank, did some more interior framing, and painted a mural in the clubhouse there.

And before you know, it's that time again, and I'm back on the Maine coast for the summer.  Archer is parked at a friend's house, where I am continuing to make progress- This week it's the couch framing and more underbody storage, courtesy of a handful of old metal filing cabinets.  We'll see how much gets done over the summer.

Besides that, it's back to work, and very likely you'll see me at a few Friday Art Walks in Portland, and maybe the occasional gig or open mic.  I'll keep you posted.