Maiden Voyage

Took the bus on the road for the first real drive today, from the mechanic to it's temporary home, a bit short of a half an hour's drive along Rt 35. 

It runs like a beast. lol. Handles much easier than I had expected, although the air brakes are going to take a little getting used to. It accelerates, stops, and turns nicely. I was a little nervous around tight corners because it's so tall it feels like it should be top heavy (it's just the opposite- the center of gravity is quite low). But all in all, it's not too different from a 30' UHaul, which I've driven a few times. I think I'll get the hang of it easy enough. 

Thanks to my buddy GreyWolf (who drove big rigs for years) for escorting me and giving pointers. 

This week, I'm going to start ordering some of the components for the electrical and plumbing systems....