New Music, Storms, and More

Running from the cold up in New England
I was born to be a fiddler in an old time string band
-Wagon Wheel

Well, my plan to leave this weekend for warmer climates in which to work on the bus has been hampered by an oncoming storm- Sounds like it's gonna be a big one, too.  Hitting the Carolinas on Friday and heading up the coast into Maine.  So it's looking like I'm probably going to end up leaving around the middle of next week instead.

In the meantime, here's a new song for you- You can listen for free on Soundcloud, or download here for .99 cents. 

Stay tuned, I'm packed and ready to hit the road with my guitar, my painting supplies, and new- Matted prints of some of my artwork.  They'll be up on the store soon.