12 Hours to Liftoff.

Bags are packed. Farewells have been said. Archer, despite her incomplete state, is sitting in my driveway, patiently waiting for her voyage. Tomorrow I leave Maine for the open road… And what looks like two solid days of driving in nonstop rain. That’s okay, if I time it even remotely okay I should miss the snow that would keep me here another week. 

My destination is Cobbtown Acres in Georgia- A community of folks who are all there to work on their own school bus conversions. There, I’ll finish Archer and hopefully, be able to barter some painting in exchange for help with welding and the other couple needed skills I’m lacking in. 

After that, I’ll be headed towards New Orleans, Memphis, a few other places. We’ll see how it goes. I’ve abandoned my hopes for the left coast, but with Archer finished and a trial run under my belt, I should be able to travel for a full six months next year instead of two or three. Time. There’s never enough, and yet there’s always more. 

For tonight, I’m at home with an empty fridge, a sea of totes and boxes, and a sense of anticipation. On a related note, my internet was shut off today- Technically in “seasonal mode”, and I’m working while tethered to my iPhone. I’ve got a solid data plan through T-Mobile and even with a sparse 1-2 bars of subprime signal here in the boonies, I’m able to update the blog and even stream video- Which gives me high hopes for working on the road. 

Stay tuned. It’s about to get interesting.