I'm bad at this

So, the original plan was to keep the site up to date with regular blog posts about my travels, along with a series of YouTube videos, et cetera, et cetera.  Yeah, so I haven't done that.  

I've covered a LOT of ground the past few months.  Extended stays in Georgia, Tennessee, and California, reconnecting with friends, and exploring all over the country.  I've gotten to see New Orleans, Austin, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland (the other one), and I'm just an hour or so from Seattle.  I saw the beaches of the gulf coast, the giant redwoods, and a slew of national parks.  I've been working on art and music stuff- less than I'd like, but more than I had been.

But I haven't been documenting every moment.  Some of this is laziness and ADD, but there's more to it.  I don't want to be an “influencer”.  I don't give a shit how many likes or subscribers I get.  I feel weirdly protective of many of my experiences- I went and sought them out, and they're mine, not the internet's.  I just want to travel and make art, not “create content”.

But it's the nature of the beast.  To be an artist of any kind, you have to promote.  You have to get out there and market yourself and your work.  Man, I'm tired of that, especially these days where it isn't enough to just release an album or exhibit a gallery show.  You have to be the art.  You need to turn it into a compelling series of multimedia presentations styled for TikTok and reels. You need to be at the center, displaying yourself and your craft as a consumer product.  You have to be an influencer, not an artist.  Honestly, I have neither the stomach nor the ego for that.  Not for public consumption.

I'll try to update things anyway.  There's a couple new songs on the music page.  I think I figured out how to release the slew of new material collecting digital dust on my hard drive.  And I'm headed home to Maine in a few weeks for the summer- Maybe I'll have more time to do this stuff, maybe less.  We'll see.