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I'm bad at this 

So, the original plan was to keep the site up to date with regular blog posts about my travels, along with a series of YouTube videos, et cetera, et cetera.  Yeah, so I haven't done that.  

I've covered a LOT of ground the past few months.  Extended stays in Georgia, Tennessee, and California, reconnecting with friends, and exploring all over the country.  I've gotten to see New Orleans, Austin, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland (the other one), and I'm just an hour or so from Seattle.  I saw the beaches of…

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Reboot, Refresh, Recycle, or Not. 

It's March of 2021, and first signs of spring are beginning to show as the vaccine starts rolling out in full force.  After a year of frozen solitude, the world is ready to come out of it's cocoon. I'm starting fresh, having reached the strange equilibrium of accepting just how little control I have over the world. I'm pursuing a lifelong dream, and the life I've always wanted- A life of travel and art and music and nature and discovery.

For those looking for inspiration, I'd like to say that it's the…

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