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On the road again 

Here I go again on my own...

And it's back to the road.  Done with work for the season, moved all my stuff into the bus, and fired up the engine.  Working on tons of new art and music stuff, but for the immediate moment, Archer is my priority.  Spending most of this week in great company-

Made a wonderful visit to A Sacred Place in Canaan NH and then Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms in Worcester VT, where I got some lion's mane tincture that's supposed to help with some of my diabetic nerve issues. 

Then it was a…

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Thus ends the off season 

Realized I haven't posted in way too long.

Georgia was great.  Spent several weeks working on the bus at Cobbtown Acres- A DIY workshop and grounds for a couple dozen of us all working on our skoolie projects.  I met some amazing people who have become surprisingly near and dear to my heart in such a short time- Check out BuzuAzul, Escahpay, and Daddamantium on Insta.  Finished the subfloor and laminate flooring, built my bed, kitchen counters, got solar hooked up, mounted storage bins and water tanks…

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